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The following portfolio is on my long list of things to update. I will however leave it up as a reminder of how far I have come since I first entered the fray of online communications in 2005.


Tyler Gray Social Media Portfolio


Listed bellow is a short sample of the 100+ broadcast emails I have played a leading role in writing and editing. In the original emails, I was also responsible for the template design and choice of links and graphics. Please note that some formatting has been lost in the conversion to PDF and that some links are no longer active.


Shannon for Attorney General

During the campaign there were several breaking news stories that we were able to capitalize on thanks to an aggressive new media campaign. Our first big hit came in response to a shocking statement made by Virginia House candidate Catherine Crabill who speaking at a ‘Tea Party’ said: “We have a chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box.”

In response, I drafted this press release to go along with the release of our first web ad which I collaborated on with our excellent media consultants at Murphy Putnam.

Selected Main Stream Media Hits from the Crabill Video

7/18/09- Washington Post: More Fallout from Va. Candidate’s ‘Bullet’ Remark

18 July 09- the Free Lance Star- “Shannon presses Cuccinelli on remarks”

Maintaining a relationship and open communication with prominent local and national bloggers also helped:

17 July 09-Daily Kos “Virgina GOP candidate raises specter of civil war”

17 July 09- Daily Kos- “Of Tea Parties and Virginia Politicians”

Broadcast Emails


At AFSCME, one of my ongoing assignments was to format, edit, and track the results of their broadcast emails. With an overall membership of 1.6 million members, managing their 6 figure broadcast email universe was a privilege and a responsibility I took very seriously. Using Convio’s Get Active CMS, it was my role to format, edit and press send on emails delivered to their entire universe; as well as subsets of confirmed union members, activists, elected officials and journalists across the country.

On their monthly “News from Your Union- AFSCME e-update” I would select stories about AFSCME chapters across the nation, some recent headlines from the blog as well as revise and edit each month’s “Featured Action”

I was also solely responsible for re-designing the email template to include the graphic links to AFSCME’s social networking profiles, which we learned through link tracking were responsible for hundreds of new fans, followers and page views.

Blog Postings

I was also fortunate to be charged with updating AFSCME’s blog- The Greenline and ghost writing several entries. One of the entries I am most proud of is the February 12th posting “Cantor’s Odd Response.”

As part of my role monitoring online communications, I noticed a story breaking on Glenn Thrush’s Blog on Politico and Greg Sargent’s blog “the Plum Line” regarding a poor decision by Mr. Cantor’s communications director to send out a humorous, but unofficial AFSCME PSA from the 1970s that had been remixed with an off color voice over. The next day I mentioned that the story had been picked up as the top story on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” As for our messaging considerations, in this instance the main stream media did an excellent job of making our case, we felt that our approach should be along the lines of ‘just the facts’.

In terms of our response, I drafted the blog article then pushed our response out to our social networks, set up a custom Google Alert and updated the post as more news organizations picked up the story. While most such missteps or gaffs do little do advance the underlying debate, we were thrilled that most of the articles went onto provide some context about the incident and portray AFSCME in a positive light. Lastly if nothing else, it certainly threw team Cantor off their game for a solid 48 hours.

Doug Denneny for Congress

This was without a doubt one of the most challenging campaigns I have ever worked on. After my first campaign experience as a Field Intern on Chap Petersen’s campaign for Lt. Governor and a brief but rewarding few months as on the Advance Team for the Edwards campaign (pre-shenanigans), my experience with Democratic primaries had been full of learning experiences, but not electoral success.

On the Denneny campaign I went into the situation knowing full well that we were a definite long shot, and that baring a true game changing event we were unlikely to prevail against Gerry Connolly who was then the Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors as well former Representative Leslie Byrne who had held the seat prior to Tom Davis retiring. However given the truly exceptional background and demeanor of the candidate, the opportunity to take my first position as senior staff while still working to complete my last few credits to graduate and my tendency to take the occasional risk I agreed to serve as a Senior Adviser. While the few pundits and journalists who were covering a congressional primary largely agreed with Rep. Connolly and former Rep. Byrne that it was a two person race, we ran a clean campaign that if nothing else contributed to electing Rep. Connolly who in his first term has served the 11th district well.

Broadcast Emails

Here I was able to get most of my language and ideas into the final product. In addition to the charged rhetoric, we included several ‘calls to action’, a DVD video, policy proposal and an invitation to participate in a conference call with the candidate.



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